BLOG / Photo of the Day - Trujillo, Peru


We have completed day three in Trujillo, Peru, having traveled to a number of impoverished communities in order to tell the stories of the people who live there. While the people live in difficult circumstances, I've been so impacted by their kindness, generosity, and beauty that shines so brightly in their bleak environment.

In case you were unaware that I was going to travel to Peru, let me share some more about this project.

A few months ago I met a young man named Caleb Lazaro, a native of Peru who now resides in Colorado Springs, CO. Caleb is the youth pastor and creative director for a ministry to the hispanic community in Colorado Springs. Caleb and I connected naturally, discovering we both had a passion for serving people, especially those living under difficult circumstances. We also discovered a shared interest in the importance of art and photography in the Church, in ministry, and in building bridges between people of different beliefs and backgrounds. Upon meeting, it was not long before Caleb and I were discussing ways we could partner together to serve others.

Originally from Trujillo, Peru, a coastal city about eight hours north of Lima, Peru, Caleb and his family have spent much time serving the people of his native country. When we first met, Caleb told me about many people, especially those originating in the mountain regions of Peru, who live in extreme poverty in the city of Trujillo. He also shared about the need for the churches of Trujillo to be awakened to the needs of these people. Although local Christian communities have in the past ministered to the poor and marginalized, their efforts have been short-term. Additionally, the local churches have failed to unite and provide consistent aid to families living under inhumane conditions.

The opportunity was provided for Caleb and me to come to Trujillo and spend two weeks in the impoverished communities within the city, documenting their stories and circumstances, in order to call the local churches to action. Through personal interaction, photography, and written stories, our desire is to combine our giftings and skills to encourage the Church to more intentionally minister to the poor, the widows, and the orphans of Trujillo. Thanks to the relationships that have already been established in the region, next week we will also be presenting our work to local church leaders and congregations, business leaders, and other members of the community.

Today's image was taken in a home in a community we visited this morning. Feel free to leave any comments or questions about the image or our work here. Also, if you would like to be involved in helping the people of Trujillo, get in touch with me and I can let you know more how you can be involved.