BLOG / Photo of the Day - Otuzco, Peru


This morning we traveled about an hour east of Trujillo to the Andean city of Otuzco, home of the Virgen de la Puerta (Virgin of the Door). However, our purpose was not to visit the Virgin, but rather to visit the poor living on the outskirts of the city.

We arrived in Otuzco only to find that the pastor we had thought would guide us had moved away from the city. However, we befriended a local who agreed to take us to one of the poor areas of the town. After twisting and turning through the narrow streets, we encountered some families who were living in very difficult conditions. This elderly lady had recently been living in a tiny "home" that was about 3 feet by 6 feet and only a few feet high, just enough room to crawl in and sleep. A quiet, gentle woman, she did not tell us much about herself, but agreed to pose for some portraits. Her face, lined with wrinkles of time, tells the story of a long, difficult life. Unfortunately we did not get to learn more about this woman, but it my hope that through this image, and others like it, you will get to know the Peruvian people on a deeper level and be a part of ministering to them.