BLOG / October 2011 Wallpaper


I am in the process of exploring new ways to share my work with a larger audience, and I figured posting a monthly wallpaper would be a fun way to do that. So, I present to you my inaugural wallpaper for October, 2011.

I'll share the story behind the image after the jump.

A couple of weeks ago I took my family on a much needed vacation to the Western Slope of the Colorado. After a long, busy summer spent largely in the studio/office, it was time to get outside and enjoy the mountains and beautiful fall colors. We decided to live it up by staying for two nights in a hotel near Glenwood Springs. With a large balcony overlooking the Colorado River, comfortable beds, warm shower, and free breakfast and evening appetizers, we relaxed a little in preparation for two nights of "roughing" it at Lost Lake Campground in Gunnison National Forest. Lost Lake Campground is an intersection of beautiful views, altitude (9600 ft), mountains, lakes, trails, and at this time of year, gorgeous fall colors. Our camp site was right next to Lost Lake Slough and provided us with some of the most beautiful views I have seen in Colorado.

During our second day at the campground I walked down to the shore of the lake and started taking some photos. Along the shore there were patches of reeds poking up out of the water, and I saw a dragonfly flitting in and out of the reeds. Putting the camera to my eye, I tried, mostly in vain, to track the dragonfly. It's no easy task to follow those little guys. I snapped a few shots, but wasn't having much success getting good images. Just before I was about to pack it in, the dragonfly flew to within a few feet of me and just hovered in the air. I snapped off two quick shots, and knew I had captured what I was after.

I hope you enjoy my first wallpaper. Check back each month for a new one. Also, if you know anyone who would enjoy this wallpaper please do send them here to download it.