BLOG / New Year's Resolutions (Goals) for 2011


2011 is off to a great start, and I am off and running with new (renewed) vision, goals, and projects for the upcoming year! I'm not normally one to pursue new years resolutions, but I do appreciate the changing of the years as opportunities to refocus and grow on the previous year's work, both personal and professional. 2010 brought significant change as I made the decision to pursue photography as my primary vocation (as opposed to web design). While in 2011 I will continue to focus on my still photography work, I will continue to do some web design work, and I will also be pursuing more video and multimedia projects. I am finding that I can provide my clients better service and value when I combine various forms of media into cohesive packages. I'm getting away from the point of this post, however. In December I took some time to reflect on 2010 and consider some goals and projects that I would like to accomplish in 2011. I have listed them below, both for the purpose of sharing some of what 2011 holds, and as a form of accountability. Knowing that all of you (perhaps all 1 of you who bothers reading this blog) know what my goals are, I will hopefully be that much more motivated to follow them through!

Read 1 book per week

I have known various people who have, at one time or another, pursued a schedule of reading 1 book per week. I stood in amazement, wondered how in the world they were able to maintain such a schedule, and dismissed it as something I wouldn't be able to do until later in life. I have a business, a wife, 2 young children, and many responsibilities that take up my time. There is no way I could read one book a week, right? Then I read a post by Julien Smith about reading 1 book a week that challenged me to actually give it a shot. I was motivated. I was inspired. But I decided to hedge my bets and make it a goal to read 1 book every 2 weeks. Book #1: The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau. In chapter one Chris makes a comment about radical goal-setting...umm, I guess I could argue that 1 book every 2 weeks was a radical goal, but the reality was that I was setting the bar low in order to set myself up for success. In a sense I was failing already. So with both excitement and trepidation I adjusted my goal to read 1 book a week. I know it can be done. I may have to get up earlier or stay up later at night, but it can be done. And as I write this, I am off to a good start! Only 7 days into the year and I am over halfway through book #2, The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald.

A quick note about why I am pursuing this project. Sure, it will be fun to be able to say I read 1 book a week in 2011, but the main reason I am pursuing this project is to learn, grow (intellectually, creatively, spiritually, etc), and expand my horizons. Also, by increasing my creative and intellectual inputs I know that my creative vision as a photographer will be expanded.

Write 1 blog post per week

I guess I can count this as my blog post for week 1, so I'm off to a good start! I also have a number of started, but never finished, posts that need to be published. Writing is hard for me, although I derive great satisfaction from it. The "hard" part often wins out though, and my blog usually sits idle. I'm determined to change that this year. I am starting off by scheduling writing time a few days a week, and out of that hopefully I will have some blog posts that will be of value to someone besides myself. One of my goals for my blog was to share my learning process as a photographer and business owner. I certainly learned a lot in 2010, and anticipate many new lessons in 2011. I plan to share more of these lessons on my blog in 2011.

365 iPhoneography project

I have already started my 365 project, along with an explanation of the project, on my Tumblr blog. Check it out at I hope you follow along, and please feel free to leave comments/feedback from time to time.

One (at least) photo shoot per month for my personal portfolio

In addition to my paid client work, I plan to be more intentional about pursuing personal projects this year. More blog posts to come as I plan and complete each project.

Learn Spanish

I have always wanted to learn multiple languages. While living in Thailand I picked up some of the language. And I took some Spanish in high school, but promptly forgot most of it. Since I am planning a return trip to Peru this year, I figured Spanish would be a good place to start to finally learn my second language.

Drink 2-3 bottles of water daily (64-96 ounces)

Staying hydrated is important, especially here at altitude in Colorado. However, much to the chagrin of my wife, my water bottle usually stays full throughout the day as I down my coffee. It's time to change that. The plan: 1 bottle in the morning, 1 bottle in the afternoon, and 1 bottle in the evening.


I'm still working on some of the specifics, but I do have a couple of projects already started:

I have a few other goals and projects on the list, but I will wait to share more about them at a later time.

Have you set some goals for 2011? If not, I would encourage you to set some goals for the upcoming year. Write them down, and share them in the comments below. We can hold each other accountable!