BLOG / Bote Nan Ayiti


It has been over two weeks since I returned from Haiti, and with a long recovery from the sickness that I developed while in Haiti, along with moving to our new home, and in the past few days preparing for a trip to Peru, only recently have I had the time and energy to sit down and reflect on my trip. While it would be easier to simply focus on my trip from the standpoint of photography, and I did learn a lot as a photographer, the reality is that the people and culture of Haiti impacted me far beyond my work as a photographer.

I would like to share some thoughts about my time in Haiti. However, it is 6am as I type this, and in a couple of hours I will need to catch my flight to Peru, and I still have a few last minute tasks to finish up. So, while I have already written down a number of thoughts on my time in Haiti, I’m running out of time to get them organized and posted. And since I would rather not rush it, I will continue formulating my thoughts and post them as they come together. Before I take off, however, I do want to post some of the images from Haiti, even if they come without corresponding thoughts and explanations.

I’ve posted some of the images below. Enjoy, and feel free to leave any comments. I will post another set of images in a couple of days, as well as my thoughts on some of the images.