Shun-Luoi Fong

I help grow brands and increase impact through the power of stories and shared experiences that foster participation, belonging, and loyalty.

Founder of A Shared Humanity and ASH Presents.

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What I'm up to right now

I'm home in the greater Denver area, currently working on:
Seeking new opportunities as an Account Director, Brand Manager, or Content StrategistPre-production for a new mentorship project for A Shared Humanity.New projects for my design agency, ASH Presents.Slowly wading back into writing on my blog.Reading "Range" by David Epstein.Enjoying life as a husband and father of three.
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Updated 28 January 2020

A bit about me

I help grow brands and increase their impact through the power of stories and shared experiences that foster participation, belonging, and loyalty. I am passionate about designing solutions guided by data and real human needs.

Storytelling. Photography. Communications. Collaboration. Leadership. Creative Innovation. Shared Experiences. Humanity. These are the things that light my fire.


Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving.
— Madeleine L’Engle —


I also contribute to the following organizations:
Founder and CEO of A Shared Humanity and ASH Presents, an organization committed to helping brands grow their impact and communicate their story in a clear and distinctly human manner.Serve as President of the Board of Directors for The Arts Hub, a nonprofit committed to providing arts-related programs and events in Lafayette, CO.Serve on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Chautauqua Association, whose mission it is to preserve, perpetuate and improve the site and spirit of the historic Chautauqua by enhancing its community and values through cultural, educational, social and recreational experiences.


My Process

Listen. Learn. Love. Create.


And now the important stuff. I’m husband to an amazing wife. I’m dad to three beautiful, full-of-life children. I love God and people, but far too often fail at both. I love to collaborate with creators and organizations to do work that contributes to a world as it ought to be.

I am based in the Greater Denver Area and San Francisco, CA, but love to connect and collaborate with people and communities everywhere.

Learn more about me on my Visuals website and connect with me on Twitter.

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